Collectibles are a one-of-a-kind accompaniment for your gourmet gift from Bassett Nut Company. With a multitude of captivating options to choose from, Bassett collectIbles are sure to impress any recipient. The beautiful finish and immaculate craftsmanship serve as a representation of you and your brand: long-lasting, high-quality and meaningful. 

Make your gourmet gift memorable with a collectible.

In business, a handshake only goes so far, but an exclusive collectible accompanying a package of gourmet treats from Bassett Nut Company will truly make a lasting impression. When your clients and customers receive a collectible, you and your brand will be hard to forget. 

Giving an elegant wooden collectible as a corporate gift will: 

Make Your Gift Personal 

Just about anyone will appreciate your gift of Bassett Nut Company treats. And custom packaging adds a personal touch for recognizing achievements, honoring milestones, celebrating holidays and more. 

Increase Your Brand Recognition 

Customers, clients and colleagues alike will be sure to remember your company positively when they receive a tasty gourmet gift.  

Highlight Your Contact Information 

A gourmet gift is a great way to initiate a new business relationship or strengthen an already existing one. Recipients will be all the more ready to reach out to you — once they dig into their premium edible treats, that is. 

Include a Personalized Message 

Say “thank you,” “congratulations” or anything else you’d like with a completely custom message alongside your luxurious gift from Bassett Nut Company. 

Ordering & Shipping 

After you place your order, your wooden collectible and premium gourmet treats are packaged and labeled with care to be shipped directly to your recipients.

Any-sized Orders 

We can accommodate all order sizes, so whether your gift is for an individual, a small business or a full-sized company, we can make it happen. 

Timing Is Everything 

Special occasion? Important date? Giving a gift is all about the timing. Schedule your gift’s delivery to arrive exactly when you need. 

Order Your Collectible Today


Pair a collectible with your order of gourmet fruit and nuts, popcorn, chocolates or candies. Whatever your needs are, Bassett Nut Company has the gourmet corporate gift option for you.